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We Make Mobile Apps.

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Client Testimonials

For the first time ever, Taste of Chicago, Blues Fest and Jazz Fest had Mobile Apps created by Applitite. These applications were extremely popular and we were satisfied with the product Applitite delivered.

Director of Program Development, Mayors Office of Special Events

We began our conversation with Applitite about developing an iPad application for classroom observation. Even before we began developing code, Applitite impressed us in a number of ways. They listened carefully as we described the problems we wanted to solve and our ideas for solving them, and asked questions that simultaneously showed a good understanding of what we were saying and helped us clarify our own thinking. The proposal they eventually submitted was an excellent reflection of what we wanted them to do and broke the project down in a way that lends itself to easy adjustment based on budget realities.

Besides all this, they have shown genuine enthusiasm for the project and have been very pleasant and reliable partners. We are pleased to be working with them

Executive Director, Lesson Study Alliance

Applitite isn't just our App developer, they are our creative partners. Our goal has always been to produce the best app experience for the Voodoo audience, and for the past two years Applitite has more than succeeded.  Our audience loves the apps and we love Applitite’s dedication to excellence.

Sig, Production Manager for Rehage Entertainment

Handing a vision and a dream to a company is a little frightening. We had a dream, and Applitite had the expertise to carry it out. Perfectionists are what you need in a tech company, and Applitite delivered.